Internship in Criminology

We are the detective agents named Spyshot detective agency, you know the services we are providing such as Effective Private Investigation Services, Matrimonial Screening, Character Report, Surveillance, Pre and Post Employment Verification, Fraud Investigation, ,Shadowing, Background Screening ,Tracing Missing Person, Background Verification, Family Dispute investigation, Forgery Investigation. etc.,

And also we are very privileged to say that we provided an internship program to the students from different colleges and universities of all over India. Recently we have conducted the internship program to the students of Karunya University (Deemed and prestigious University in India) from the department of Criminology. By doing that students gained an immense knowledge in the detective field and also it paid a very useful for their future. In this Internship program we taught about the criminology based lessons that provides the practical knowledge and the difficulties faced by each detective in the particular investigation and how to overcome those situations and etc.,

#2. Some of the topics which are taught and discussed such as,

Criminal Psychology
Domestic Violence Prevention
Child Sexual Abuse
Law Enforcement
Forensic Psychology
Illegal Immigration

These are some of the topics which mainly discussed and applied through some practical and real world investigations about the work and the detective’s life which gives and motivates the student to learn and gain more knowledge in the field work before they stepping out as a graduate.

By appreciating this work from the Karunya University, they invited us for the Guest lecture for the students of Criminology department. And this guest lecture is especially for the fresh young minds of the department (first year students). This lecture is particularly about the Basics of Detective and how to learn the things new and adapt to this course, this refreshes and boost up the young minds to learn and understand the new things.