Online dating giving rise to pre-matrimonial investigation in metropolitan cities

Did you know more and more young couples are taking help of registered private detectives to conduct a background check on their would-be spouse? Yes, welcome to the millennial generation where people are more open to the idea of spying on their spouses just to make sure nothing goes wrong. Beware if you think you will hide your affair from your fiancé and will never get caught. Today’s youth is appointing trained private detective agencies to find out the past, present and imaginable future of the spouse. The experienced detectives conduct pre-matrimonial investigation in a confidential manner. So, you would probably not even know that you are under the scanner. These detectives start by doing a preliminary investigation and if all does not seem well, then they resort to undisclosed methods, obviously after taking a consent from the client.

pre matrtimonial Investigation

Pre-matrimonial investigation:

Things to know Pre-matrimonial investigation has become a trend in India largely due to the boom of internet and online dating sites or apps. Today’s parents are more cautious as fraudulent cases are also rising and no parent want their child to be lost in a sour relationship. Moreover, most bride/groom’s family tend to exaggerate in terms of their income and financial status. Therefore, it is important to do a pre-matrimonial investigation to make sure the promises are not fake. A typical investigation will cover several checks, including background, job qualification, past relationships, friends’ circle, drinking habits, financial status and so on. In the course of investigation, emails, phone calls, social media interactions & other such details are also scrutinized. Trust is a hard factor to find in today’s time and you cannot run behind the probably spouse to find each and every detail. What if you get caught spying on your spouse? To save from the embarrassment, a trained & experienced professional is trusted with the task to find out all the probable details that will help you make an informed decision.


A private detective agency will give you the peace of mind to enter into a relationship that will prosper. Future is always uncertain. However, you can ensure that you are not getting married to a fraud. Background checks from private investigation agencies are a must before tying a knot. Veteran investigation is a leading private detective agency with a huge work experience. They conduct discreet investigation and your identity will not be revealed at any point. Get in touch with VIS for more information.